Ken Schacht founded this business in 1977 when he was 19 years old, to provide upholstery and auto-glass repair. Since then he has expanded his business from upholstery to include window tinting, convertible top repair, & seat heating & ventilation systems. In 1983 he bought the building that houses his company. Now he counts some of Marin County’s largest and most prestigious automobile dealerships among his best customers. Mercedes, Porsche, Lexus, Range Rover and Jaguar dealerships as well as Toyota, Ford, and Chevrolet all call on him for special services. He also fills the niche of owners who drive rare and expensive automobiles and want them to remain pristinely beautiful. He also solves the problems of owners who must spend an inordinate amount of time in their cars and want the drivers seat to be as comfortable as an easy chair.

To meet these requirements, Teeters and Schacht stocks and installs such products as Llumar window tint films, to keep the sunshine from fading expensive leather interiors, amd heating, cooling and massage systems for after-market installation into driver’s seats.

The company also repairs and replaces tonneau covers, vinyl tops and seat covers.
Sometime he chuckles, living in Novato is too good. “ I rarely go out to dinner, or the the grocery store, without somebody asking me to come out and take a look at their car “ he says. “it’s a little like being a politician.”