We specialize in windshield replacement and chip repair.  We use only the best available, top quality adhesives in the glass industry with safe drive away times for the air bag systems in your vehicle.  We do not allow the quick cut method in our facility.  Every job is primed to insure that there is no corrosion (rust that will cause leakage and then mold).  This requires 20 minutes dry time, so be careful of that in your driveway job.

Below is a sample of a panoramic glass top that needed to be replaced.  The entire glass piece must be glued in properly with urethane adhesive and sealer in order to have a tight seal with no leaks.

This window is rusted because the previous installation company (not us) didn’t put primer on the window.  After they cut out the window, they left the old sealant on the body, and then put a little bit of urethane on top of the old sealer, then they installed the glass. This caused the window to leak, as the old urethane broke loose from the body, causing the car to leak and then mold.