We are proud to offer aftermarket Seat Heaters and Ventilation Systems. Seat heaters are the best in seating comfort. Carbon fiber is the industry standard offering the best in heat distribution and overall temperature consistency. Carbon based heaters allow for easy installation and customization and because we use a carbon element, it can be shaped to fit any seating application

Reaching a new level in seat ventilated comfort by providing an OEM quality seat accessory designed to keep passengers cool or warm while sitting on leather or cloth seat surfaces and will provide this system to aftermarket Restylers, conversion companies, specialty builders, port programs, seating companies, leather manufactures and other leading aftermarket companies.
Using a 4-blower system imbedded in the seat foam to push air from behind the seat through a perforated cover and to the driver or passenger. Easy to access control switches provide a high and low setting to control the fan speed and cooling/heating setting. A unique distribution layer and reticulated foam is used allowing a uniform flow of air around the occupant to reduce the heat build-up that commonly occurs during the hot summer months. The moisture removed between the body and the seating surface significantly increases comfort and the driving experience. The system is integrated with the a seat heater making this option perfect for all seasons.

Carbon Fiber Seat Heaters

  • Heating Elements for both cushion and back
  • Waterproof thermostats
  • Waterproof switch
  • Works with leather or cloth seats
  • Even heat distribution
  • OEM approved system
  • Rapid heat up time
  • Hi/Lo/Off or On/Off switch options
  • One Year 12k mile warranty (parts only)
  • Can be installed on front and rear seats